everyone deserves a home to love

everyone deserves a home to love

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Circle Placemat-Natacia Grey-Set of 6


Est to ship between 12/05/22 - 12/13/22

$20.00 Per Placemat

Looking for a round placemat made with fabric?  We are excited to introduce our new Circle placemat series.  The Natacia Grey fabric is a  lighter weight 90% Cotton & 10% Linen.  We’ve used this fabric for pillows and we’re so excited at how it works as a placemat.  The soft grey tones work well with white or even black dinnerware.

All of the materials are 100% Made in America and construction in Elmhurst, IL  The soft subtle tones of grey blend beautifully with other tabletop finishes.

Just like all of our placements, we take the extra step to include a heavy flannel interlining that is sandwiched between the the 2 layers for added table protection.  The fabric is a lighter weight so we also add a stabilizer to help maintain the shape.  The placemat with the interlining will protect your table against hot dinner plates but we do not recommend for use with oven to table round dishes like casseroles, lasagna etc. without a additional protection.

You will love the versatility of these placemats and even after the dishes are cleared, your table will still look stunning.

The placemats are machine washable but may shrink.  We do pre-wash all fabric and interlining.

Finished Size is 15″ in diameter. Set of 6