everyone deserves a home to love

everyone deserves a home to love

Our story

End Homelessness

As an interior designer for over 25 years and an avid seamstress, I have been obsessed with fabrics my entire life.  During my career as a designer, I worked with homeowners to create beautiful rooms by coordinating and incorporating textiles .  As the years went by, while I loved what I was doing, there was always something missing.  Then one dangerously cold Chicago February night, as I was sitting in my nice warm bed, I asked my husband “what do you think the city is doing for those experiencing homelessness tonight?”

That night a light bulb went on and I realized right then and there I had to do something.  It was at that moment the concept for Abode Amore was born.  An opportunity to continue my work in design with a focus and commitment to pledging a portion of my proceeds to charitable organizations whose sole focus is to end homelessness in America!

US Flag-Made in Ameria

Proudly Sewn In America

All of our products are constructed and sewn in our studio located in Elmhurst, IL.

"Never ask what someone else is doing if you're not willing to do it yourself!"

Linda F

How we help

We donate a portion of every order to provide funding to organizations whose only purpose is to find solutions to end homelessness in America.  It takes grassroot efforts to create monumental change.  Together we can end homelessness. 

Ending Homelessness Together

Our Partner

As we began our journey looking for the right recipient for our donations, we researched many different types of organizations involved in the quest to end homelessness.   While we have the compassion and the motivation to help, we certainly did not have the expertise needed for solving such a complex issue.  We also wanted to find a group that was national in scope but with local community ties.  One organization in particular Community Solutions just seemed to align perfectly with what we had in mind. 

Their Mission

“Our mission is to create a lasting end to homelessness that leaves no one behind.

We envision a more equitable society where homelessness is never inevitable, inescapable, or a way of life.”We love that their success is measurable, ongoing and individual.

We encourage you to learn more about them and their Built for Zero movement.   Help us help them in their quest!

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